Farmers' Market Selection

Join us at the Manhattan Beach Farmers' Market as we share our chocolate—and other passions!—with you.

On offer weekly:

1/2 lb. and 1 lb. Dark, Milk, and Unfiltered White Chocolate Bars—these chocolates may be reserved for your personal stash, or shared with family and friends. Cut off a thin piece or break off a hunk, and enjoy!  

Milk Chocolate Bark with Almonds and Sea Salt


Pantry Essentials—including chocolate chips, unsweetened baking chocolate, roasted cacao nibs, hot chocolate powder, cacao nib granola, and "Little Darling" brownie mix

S'mores Kits

Sourdough Noir 

The Grom Shortie  

T-Rex and the Wild Ones

More to savorfrom tender, melt-in-your-mouth, mocha shortbread cookies and chocolate cake to addictive caramel corn and date shakes, we use our cacao and chocolate ingredients to create special treats that will rock your world!

Discover Bar au Chocolat every Tuesday between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at 13th Street and Morningside Drive.