Chef's Cacao + Chocolate

At Bar Au Chocolat, we collaborate with chefs, artisans, culinary instructors, and other industry professionals to make cacao and chocolate ingredients that achieve the desired taste profiles and consistency required by our partners. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Steps in making chocolate:

Step 1: Select cacao beans from a wide selection of origins.


Step 2: Sort the beans to select only the premium beans.

Step 3: The art of roasting releases the flavors that are characteristic to each bean variety.


Step 4: Winnow or remove the husk from the bean.

Step 5: Grind the beans into a paste and add desired sugar.


Step 6: Pass the mixture through a refiner to achieve the desired micron size.


Step 7: Transfer the refined mixture into the mélangeur to conch and further develop flavors.


Step 8: Let the chocolate age.

Step 9: Temper the chocolate by raising and lowering the temperature. Pour the tempered chocolate into molds to make bars, blocks, batons, hunks, chips, and more.        


Step 10: Package. 

Now you are ready to start making your baked goods, confections, and desserts. 

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