Chocolate Chips


Bar au Chocolat has created a collection of cacao and chocolate ingredients for industry professionals and home chefs.

We offer two varieties of dark chocolate chips: 70% and 100%.

Our 70% dark chocolate chips are made from single origin cacao cultivated in Gran Couva, Montserrat Hills, Trinidad.  The cacao pairs beautifully with Vermont maple sugar, evoking notes of cacao, pink peppercorn and red currant.

Our 100% chocolate chips are made from single origin cacao cultivated in Cuyagua, Venezuela. This cacao embodies a roasted walnut profile and soft note of bitterness. We aged the chocolate in vanilla beans, permitting the aromas to delicately infuse the chocolate and impart a natural sweetness.

Add the chips to your favorite cookie, cake, and ice cream recipes.

70% Chocolate Chips: Cacao and Vermont maple sugar
100% Chocolate Chips: Cacao, aged in vanilla beans

Net Weight  16 oz