Pantry Essentials - Chocolate Chips


Bar au Chocolat has created a collection of cacao and chocolate ingredients for industry professionals and home chefs.

60% Dark Chocolate Chips Our 60% dark chocolate chips are made from estate blend cacao cultivated in the Dominican Republic. The cacao pairs beautifully with Louisiana cane sugar, evoking notes of blackcurrant, dates, and a hint of orange.

Created dome-shaped, these chips are a wonderful addition to your favorite cookie, cake, brownie, and ice cream recipes.

100% Chocolate Chips Our 100% chocolate chips are made from single origin cacao cultivated in Cuyagua Valley, Venezuela. This cacao embodies a soft bitterness and makes the perfect unsweetened chip. Created in thin pieces, our 100% chips showcase the cacao’s natural roasted walnut and blood orange profile.

We love to mix these chips into vanilla ice cream, balancing the sweetness with a delectable chocolate note.

60% Dark Chocolate Chips: Cacao and Louisiana cane sugar
100% Unsweetened Chocolate Chips: Cacao