"You Sexy Thing" Hot Chocolate


Our hot chocolate offers the ultimate mingling of pleasures—silky, sumptuous, and totally alluring, it is, quite literally, hot. Even a single sip has the capacity to induce a visceral reaction—of the deep-down, hip-undulating kind. Impassioned cries of “I believe in miracles!” abound, followed by “Where’re you from, you sexy thing?” We have begun with a blend of cacaos cultivated in Latin America; the addition of cane sugar arouses further depths of flavor. Froth it up, then top with cloud-like marshmallows, or spoonfuls of freshly-whipped cream. Its indulgent, all-enveloping, deep-chocolate warmth will tempt you to partake immediately. “Oh, it’s ecstasy!”

Bar au Chocolat’s Hot Chocolate takes inspiration from the song, “You Sexy Thing,” written by lead singer Errol Brown and bass guitarist Tony Wilson of the band Hot Chocolate.

House blend cacao and Louisiana cane sugar