Go-Go! 72% Signature Dark


Bar au Chocolat's go-go! 72% is our first signature bar, in which we explore the craft of inclusions, thereby bringing together two passions: chocolate and select ingredients which accompany it to new possibility.

go-go! 72% fuses dark chocolate and coffee. The coffee embodies caramel and delicate jasmine notes complementing the profile of our Peruvian chocolate.  

The go-go! 72% bar is wrapped in Nepalese cotton paper which has been hand-lettered in copper ink and embossed with our branded cacao flower.

Single Origin 
Marañón Canyon, Peru 

Flavor Profile 
Apricot, honey, and lemon zest profile with coffee overlay

Cacao and Louisiana cane sugar, coffee-bean aged

Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, and wheat.

Net Weight 
2 oz