Slowdance® Polka Dot Bikini Unfiltered White Chocolate


The music begins—slow in tempo. A desire wells up inside . . .  

The very pair of eyes you seek meet with your own. A hand extends, resting gently on your hip, then pulls you closer as you sway in delicious unison to the song.

Slowdance® is about bringing together two passions: our chocolate is paired with a select ingredient, then cave-aged. What happens next is a little bit mysterious, a little bit romantic, a little bit enchanting . . .

Over time, something wholly new is unleashed: in a shimmering, delicate swirl; a spirited, lively dip; or a smooth, sensual curve—flavor dances on your tongue.

“For the first time today . . .” 

Bar au Chocolat showcases our Polka Dot Bikini . . .

“. . . Stick around, we’ll tell you more!” 

We’ve pressed a blend of cacao into its buttery essence, then added Louisiana cane sugar and organic non-fat milk powder.

After a process of cave-aging together with Madagascar cacao, the bar reveals a beautiful, golden-tan color. The only other thing it wears? Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny roasted cacao nibs and a flirting of sea salt.

It makes for a sexy (you could even say risqué) white chocolate moment. Need we say more?

“. . . Guess there isn’t any more.”

House-pressed cacao butter, Louisiana cane sugar, organic non-fat milk powder, Madagascar cacao nibs, fleur de sel

Free of egg, gluten, nuts, soy, and wheat. 

Net Weight 
2 oz