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February 2023 release

The kind of rendezvous that occurs in outer space isn’t that different from our more familiar rendezvous here on earth: both require a distinct set of maneuvers, but only one takes on the task of guiding two spacecraft closer and closer to each other. U.S. astronaut Wally Schirra is credited with the first successful space rendezvous, achieved in December of 1965. In an attempt to translate the tremendous complexities of the endeavor, he offered the following metaphor:

A man is walking down a busy main street with plenty of traffic whizzing by and he spots a cute girl walking on the other side. He’s going ‘Hey, wait!’ but she’s gone. That’s a passing glance, not a rendezvous. Now if that same man can cut across all that traffic and nibble on that girl’s ear, now that’s a rendezvous!

In our case, we envision things a little differently . . . Maybe it all began with a note scribbled in red lipstick on the man’s car window to confirm the details of time and place. And to further entice, a drop of lavender oil might have been dabbed behind the girl’s ear—similar to the way French lavender dallies intoxicatingly with our Hispaniola deep milk chocolate. Meet us there, and we are certain you will agree: our ‘rendezvous’ is an experience that can only be described as out-of-this-world!

Flavor Profile Truffle, caramel, and fresh-whipped cream with French lavender overlay

Ingredients Cacao, Louisiana cane sugar, house-pressed cacao butter, and organic non-fat milk powder, lavender-bud aged 

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, and wheat.

Net Weight 60 g