In July 2010, we founded Bar au Chocolat out of a simple desire to make delicious chocolate. What began as a passion has become a study of agriculture, chemistry, history, politics, culture, art, and the physiology of taste.

It is in the natural environment and in the people who cultivate cacao that the artistry of our chocolate begins. Our production is driven by a deep reverence for farmers who work the land in a sustainable way and practice traditional harvesting, fermentation, and drying techniques. Once we source and import quality regional cacao, we strive to capture its evocative flavors and sensations.

As a boutique chocolatemaker, we produce small quantities of chocolate focusing on single origin and estate darks. Our exploration of cacao has influenced us to take a minimalist approach to chocolatemaking, where cacao's inherent bitter taste is balanced beautifully by the sweetness of cane or maple sugar. For us, stripping chocolate down to two ingredients presents an irresistible challenge—and a call to be a little bit daring.

We look forward to sharing our chocolate with you.