We are continuously inspired to reveal the range of flavors and nutritional attributes of chocolate today. 

Of primary importance is the cultivation of quality cacao, grown across the span of the world in regions near the equator. To create just the right balance of flavor, we may select beans harvested in a particular year from a specific region or single estate, or blend beans that together embody complementary characteristics.  

Cacao is a sensitive agricultural crop and much of its cultivation must be done by hand. An understanding of origin, land stewardship, growing season, fermentation and drying techniques, care in handling and shipping, and the artistry we impart as its maker produces a finished chocolate that appeals and inspires, both.

Together, we are in search of an elevated tasting experience, one which may be described as sacred, sexy, magical, medicinal, artistic, aphrodisiac, health-giving, ritualistic, romantic, and eternal.