To understand who we are, you must learn the translation, definition and correct pronunciation of Bar au Chocolat. 

Translation / Definition
bar au chocolat (nm)
1. chocolate bar—the kind of bar you walk into, not the kind you eat
Alors, il y'a ce garçon qui entre dans un bar au chocolat . . . 
So, there's this guy who walks into a chocolate bar . . . 

2. a boutique chocolatemaker based in Manhattan Beach, California 
Bar au Chocolat makes chocolate for tasting, cooking and baking. Our product line features tasting bars, couverture, unsweetened chocolate, roasted cacao powder, roasted cacao nibs, chocolate chips, batons and hot chocolate. 

3. a vibrant resource to celebrate, teach and advance the unique intellectual and sensory experience of chocolate 
Bar au Chocolat hosts chocolate tastings at corporations, private homes, universities, schools and special events.

tablette de chocolat or plaque de chocolat (nf)
1. chocolate bar—an ancient, beloved food comprising of cacao and cane sugar 
Cette tablette de chocolat est délicieuse.
This chocolate bar is delicious. 
tablettes de chocolat (nfpl)
1. six-pack (n, slang, fig) well-defined abdominal muscles
When you see a hot guy in France who has a ripped core and nicely defined abs, he has tablettes de chocolat. Ladies, and gentlemen, the next time you see a man with a six-pack, think chocolate, not beer.  


To learn the correct pronunciation of Bar au Chocolat, repeat the following: 

Bar—say Bar like bar but a little deeper /Bahr/ 

au—say au like the lyric in the song, "December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)" by The Four Seasons /oh/
If you like this song, check out the French version, "Ces Soirées-Là" by singer and rapper Yannick.

Chocolat—say Chocolat starting with Cho pronounced /Show/ like Tom Cruise's line in Jerry Maguire, "Show me the money!"  In the middle, co is pronounced /ko/ like my nickname Coco. The ending lat is the same sound that is made while savoring a delicious  food or wine /ahhhh/. All together, it goes something like this /Show/ko/lahhh/

Okay, let's repeat: Bar au Chocolat

At Bar au Chocolat, we love chocolate, France, a good joke, the beach, men, beer, music, movies, a great repast, and all of the pleasure they bring.