This provides information about Bar au Chocolat products that you have purchased or received as a gift. 

Ingredients Our chocolate is made from cacao and cane or maple sugar.

Allergen Our dark chocolate is free of egg, gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, and wheat.
Our milk and deep milk chocolates are free of egg, gluten, nuts, soy, and what. They contain organic nonfat milk powder.  

Certification We are kosher certified.

Net Weight Our tasting bars are 2 oz | 57 g. 

Flavor Profiles The following are suggested flavor profiles of our chocolates: 

Costa Rica 72%  blackberry jam, toast
Dominican Republic 70%  black currant, date, orange zest
Ecuador 77% honeysuckle, creamy cashew, hint of green olive
Madagascar 70%  cherry, grapefruit
Mexico 70% raw walnut, coffee  
Peru 70%  apricot, honey, lemon zest
Trinidad 80%  cacao, pink peppercorn, red currant
Venezuela 100%  roasted walnut

Dark Inclusion
Go-Go 70% Peru chocolate, aged in richly-bodied coffee with caramel and delicate jasmine notes  

Dominican Republic 60%  truffle, fresh whipped cream