Venezuela 100%


BAR AU CHOCOLAT hundred-percent collection is comprised of four  unsweetened dark chocolates for your tasting, cooking and baking pleasure.    

We selected a single origin Venezuelan cacao that embodies a roasted walnut profile and soft note of bitterness. We aged the chocolate for one year in a variety of complementary ingredients, permitting the aromas to delicately infuse the chocolate and to impart a natural sweetness. The collection includes:

Heart 100% cacao, aged for one year in the raw  
Zest 100% cacao, aged for one year in orange peel
Pulse 100% cacao, aged for one year in coffee beans
Grace 100% cacao, aged for one year in vanilla beans

Single Origin Cuyagua Valley, Venezuela 

Ingredients Heart (cacao), Zest (cacao, orange peel), Pulse (cacao, coffee beans), Grace (cacao, vanilla beans)

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, wheat 

Net Weight  228 g | 8 oz 

Signature Wrap This collection is fondly known as the "kimono collection" due to our signature wrap. The chocolate bars are packaged together and presented in a fursohiki-style cloth.