Roasted Cacao Nibs


Bar au Chocolat has created a collection of cacao and chocolate ingredients for inspired industry professionals and home chefs.

Our roasted cacao nibs are made from single origin cacao that thrives in Gran Couva, Montserrat Hills, Trinidad. Nibs are pure pieces of roasted cacao beans. They are crunchy yet tender with a nutty, mildly bitter chocolate flavor and they are yummy to nibble on. 

Here are some of our favorite serving suggestions:
・ Add nibs into oatmeal, granola or other breakfast cereals
・ Toss nibs into warm buttered green beans
・ Garnish babaganoush with nibs, pomegranate seeds, parsley
・ Make a compound butter for steak with nibs, pink peppercorn, thyme

・ Make cacao nib meringues

Ingredients Cacao

Net Weight 13 oz | 369 g