The Day of the Dead 2019


In October 2011, I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, to experience the Day of the Dead | Día de los Muertos up close. I immersed myself in the colorful festivities and enjoyed following the spiritual, floral and culinary ritual as it unfolded. The highlight of my trip was working with Zapotec Chef Reyna Mendoza. Together, we made preparations for the celebration including metate-ground chocolate, mole and champurrado. During my visit, I gained a deep appreciation for the cultural richness of the Day of the Dead festival and came away inspired to create a unique collection of chocolate in commemoration.   

Like wine aged in French oak, our chocolate ages for one year in a variety of ingredients including orange peel (Zest 2014), honeycomb (Swarm 2015), coffee beans (Pulse 2016), Buddha's Hand or citron peel (Embrace 2017) and rose buds and petals (Blush 2018).

For 2019, we are pleased to offer Crescendo, a rustic 70% estate dark chocolate aged in vanilla bean, cinnamon bark, pink peppercorn and habanero pepper, permitting a gradual increase of aroma to infuse the chocolate. 

To place your order for this annual chocolate, email us at 

Limited Edition 200 bars 

Ingredients Mexican estate cacao, cane sugar, vanilla bean, cinnamon bark, pink peppercorn, habanero pepper

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, wheat

Net Weight 57 g | 2 oz