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‘Jeong’ is a Korean word. It rhymes with ‘Song,’ as in Song Joong-ki, the star in the K-drama Vincenzo; or ‘Hong,’ as in Chief Hong, the name of the main character in the K-drama, Hometown Cha, Cha, Cha; or ‘wrong,’ as in the title of the K-drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

The essence of jeong is a kind of deep-rooted connection or bond; it forms gradually, whether it extends to a person, a place, an object of sentimental value, or even, to the fictional characters that populate the world of K-dramas.

Which brings us to a confession: here at Bar au Chocolat, we are Hallyu K-drama lovers. The crazy, quirky twists-and-turns of the plots, at times sidesplittingly funny, at times heart-wrenchingly poignant . . . We’re amused! We’re moved! We watch it all unfold with eyes wide and mouths agape—but never more than a single episode each night! Binge-watching, some might say, is the direct antithesis of jeong.

And K-dramas are built on the phenomenon that is jeong: characters meet and take an interest in one another, anticipation grows, tensions mount, passions heat up . . . In other words, if the stars align, the genre will crescendo in an ultimate ‘love scene,’ when everything comes together and the long-awaited kiss happens. And oh! these kisses: they are stunning, sweet, sexy, satisfying, swoon-worthy-kisses.


Occasionally, in K-dramas, the actors suck on small red sachets or packets—they are getting a shot of red ginseng extract, believed to be a daily supplement for good health. So inspired, our Trinidad dark chocolate has been cave-aged with ginseng—a process of slow, yet ever-intensifying transfer. It’s jeong all the way.

Maybe our Jeong bar will make a cameo appearance in an upcoming K-drama! How would that be for real-life drama?

Flavor Profile Cacao, pink peppercorn, red currant with ginseng overlay

Ingredients Cacao, maple sugar, ginseng

Net Weight 70 g