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November 2022 release

Confucius, the Chinese philosopher-sage and educator of ethics, believed in the cultivation of personal qualities such as knowledge, benevolence, and respect. Such attributes were to be upheld in all modes of living, extending even to the culinary realm. His preference was for simple meals composed from ingredients which aligned with the rhythms of nature; eating with the seasons was, for him, a gesture which carried deep moral regard. Confucius himself began each meal with the consumption of a small amount of ginger, a ritual he recommended to promote overall good health.

Kick!—with its beautiful balance of flavors—embodies Confucian philosophy. We dried the fragrant, juicy, yellow flesh of young ginger, then cave-aged it with our Peruvian dark chocolate. The composition is equal parts harmonious and transcendent, its initial spicy ‘oomph’ giving way to a warm tingle of pleasure, summoning the words of Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Flavor Profile Apricot, honey-floral, and lemon zest with ginger overlay

Ingredients Cacao and Louisiana cane sugar, ginger aged

Net Weight 60 g