Inspired by fresh ingredients, we make seasonal sweets and savories. Each offering derives from a treasured recipe, and then we give it a twist with our chocolate. The chocolate may take center stage or be a subtle accent in a desire to create a new tasting experience.


Our marzipan is made from almonds and cane sugar. It is pressed into molds with detailed motifs and makes a beautiful gift for spring. We offer the following:

Small heart with doves
Small heart with edelweiss
Large heart with flowers (pictured)
Springtime with honey bees & flowers (oval in shape)
Small rooster (round in shape)
Tile mosaic (rectangle in shape)

Upon request, we will enrobe the base of the marzipan with a thin layer of dark chocolate.

Ingredients Almonds, cane sugar

Net Weight
2 small hearts, springtime with honey bees or roosters 4 oz | 115 g
1 large heart or tile mosaic 13 oz | 369 g