BAR AU CHOCOLAT-A YA YA is a monthy collection of sweets and savories. Each offering derives from a treasured recipe, while the addition of our chocolate unveils newly evocative pleasures. And who knows you may even feel like smiling, dancing or belting out a tune.  

The BAR AU CHOCOLAT-A YA YA collection name is inspired by the "Lady Marmalade" lyric "Mocha Chocalata ya ya" first recorded by the disco group The Eleventh Hour. It was the soulful Patti LaBelle who made the song a hit in 1974. "Lady Marmalade" has been covered by several artists over the years including All Saints in 1998, singers Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and rapper Lil' Kim in 2001 for the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack, Taeyeon & Tiffany (2013) and Little Glee Monster (2014). 



Our marzipan is made from almonds and cane sugar. It is pressed into molds with detailed motifs and makes a beautiful gift for spring. The motif options include:

Small heart with doves
Small heart with edelweiss
Large heart with flowers (pictured)
Springtime with honey bees & flowers (oval)
Small rooster (round)
Tile mosaic (rectangle)

We will add a thin, delicate dark chocolate base to order. 

Ingredients Almonds, cane sugar 

Net Weight
Small heart, springtime & rooster 2 oz | 57 g 
Large heart & tile mosaic 12 oz | 340 g