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'meet-cute' date turtles

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Coined in 1938, and brought further into the vernacular with the 2006 release of Nancy Meyers’ The Holiday, we borrow the phrase ‘meet-cute’—that de rigueur of the romantic genre, whereby two characters happen upon one another in a serendipitous way, and sparks fly—as an affectionate title for our date turtles.

No doubt, the formula’s proven itself tried-and-true, so we thought to ourselves: ‘Why not plot out a particularly-delicious spin?’ Without any further ado, allow us to present the ensemble cast of our ‘meet-cute’ . . .

The turtle: a stunning, amazingly complex creature, enduring from our pre-historic past, when it was known to have inhabited the sea’s depths while dinosaurs reigned colossal over 200 million years ago. 

The date: prized from remotest antiquity, with fossils evidencing the existence of the feathered-leafed date palm some 50 million years back; amongst all varieties, the Medjool rules as ‘King,’ its fruit sun-sweetened and caramel-chewy.

The pecan: the only nut native to North America, with a history tracing to the 16th century; it is smooth and buttery in flavor, with a floral-forest aroma and tender crunch.

Salt: take this ‘with-a-grain,’ as they say, but as an ingredient seemingly ordained by the Fates to exist apart from time, we’ll go ahead and deem it ‘eternal.’

Chocolate: a love affair which harkens back to the Mayo-Chinchipe culture in the lush rainforests of the upper Amazon over 5,000 years ago; cue to 2010, when Nicole Trutanich created Bar au Chocolat in celebration of this ancient, beloved food. 

The chocolate turtle: a caramel-based confection originating in 1932 at Hooper’s Confections Company in Oakland, California; it’s alleged that the Hoopers hand-delivered the treat themselves from the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

Which brings us to present-day, and our own ‘meet-cute,’ with the Medjool date shining in the title role. Toasted pecans are pressed on top of the date, then layered with a Peruvian dark chocolate shell. A sprinkling of fleur-de-sel offers a little sparkle on top. As believers in the workings of kismet, and all things written in the stars, we’re enthralled by how our ‘meet-cute’ comes together—to deploy another rom-com ideology, we might even claim it was ‘destined to be.’

Ingredients Date, pecan, cacao, cane sugar, fleur de sel