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At first, you may think you are alone as you wander the shore-line . . . Then, from somewhere beyond the ocean’s frothing caps, you hear the kind of song that passes only through the lips of one immortal . . . A brine-born maiden, ascended from the silvery underwater grotto in which she dwells, her voice enraptures.

It is said, by her command, even the most tumultuous, churning waters instantly still, transformed to resemble the placid, mirror-like surface of a lake. And come certain days, when sea and sky are nearly indistinguishable, the line of the horizon blurred by mist, those keen-eyed enough might happen to glimpse the shape of her—half-visible and glorying in the waves . . . 

How it is that she alights through shining sea-paths shore-ward, no one knows. But stories swirl of a great swarm of dolphins, circling in dance amidst cresting waves after delivering her to land. And under the cover of moonless nights, it is by her touch that dew forms in a gentle, glistening layer atop the blue-starred rosemary that dots the sand dunes.

So inspired, our ‘Sea-Mist’ recalls her movements, with our cave-aged rosemary chocolate sprinkled with salt. 

Flavor Profile Walnut, caramel, tart cherry with rosemary overlay

Ingredients Cacao, cane sugar, rosemary, fleur de sel

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, wheat

Net Weight 70 g