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There’s a certain thrill in the unearthing of a rare delicacy, perhaps most especially, one which might only be acquired from deep within ancient, mystical-seeming forests. Throughout the world, truffles are revered as a particularly sought-after species, the quest for their discovery an all-consuming affair, culminating at the moment when a hunter’s efforts are rewarded, as from beneath layers of earth comes an offering of exquisite, delectable beauty.

Amongst the most coveted of all varieties, the white truffle d’Alba is distinguished by its golden appearance and cream-colored center. The precious white truffle arrives to us directly from Italy, where it has been mined with utmost care from amongst the roots of old-growth oaks and hazelnuts. And now the treasured truffle d’Alba finds itself buried again, this time in our Hispaniola deep milk chocolate, where its natural, intoxicating aromas give way to a flavor that is deeply sensual. Let the hunt begin.

Flavor Profile Truffle, caramel, and fresh-whipped cream with white truffle d'Alba overlay

Ingredients Cacao, house-pressed cacao butter, Louisiana cane sugar, organic non-fat milk powder, white truffle d'Alba 

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, nuts, soy, and wheat.

Net Weight 60 g