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Garden Party

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Darling, welcome. Kiss-kiss, pleasure to meet you. A wonder, the weather intoxicates. Please, go outside. Groomed grounds, blossom-strewn. The scent of crushed grass. Brimmed hats. Fascinators. Hatinators. Inside a trellised gazebo, a string quartet. Petite blooms. Head-heavy blooms. Sigh, the seductions of spring. Seemingly endless, aren’t they? Balanced on silver trays, flutes of champagne, canapés, caviar. Eyes lock. Glasses clink. Glances are cast, then returned. Trees. Topiaries. Two faces appear in a reflecting pool. 

{Whispers, innuendo.}

The lushest of all seasons, simply sublime. Of course, a favor for you. Fresh mint chocolate. Its flavors, an ode to spring, to fêtes in the garden. After all, you were the life of the party. 

Flavor Profile Cacao, pink peppercorn, and red currant with fresh mint overlay

Ingredients Cacao, Vermont maple sugar, fresh mint

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, and wheat.

Net Weight 60 g