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Chocolate Skulls

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Every October, in celebration of The Day of the Dead, we offer solid dark and milk chocolate skulls. They make a perfect treat for all your Halloween haunts.

Our decorative skulls may also be enjoyed in the here and now. They are on display at our Manhattan Beach atelier Sunday, October 1 through Friday, November 3.

Eerily-beautiful and imaginative, each skull speaks to the ritualistic passions of the soul it serves to revive in memory.

The spirit or essence of those we have lost is conjured across a range of vital, earthen materials: rock-salt; maize; honey-comb; cacao; moss; lavender; rose; candle flame fire; and water held in blown-glass with vivid blooms.

Year by year, a skull or two may be added to the gathering. Brought together, as a collection, they recall the variety and the richness which imbue our lives.

Halloween may veer to the dark, the humorous, the sexy, and the spectral. The rhythm of this dream moves through all of the above. Free your mind, and have a listen . . . Halloween Recitation