One extraordinary bean
A kaleidoscope of flavors
Infinite possibilities—
BAR AU CHOCOLAT (from the French phrasing of 'chocolate bar') is a boutique chocolatemaker founded in Manhattan Beach, California. We source natural, beautifully-grown cacao to create chocolate as delicately-nuanced as it is evocative, and we love what we do.

The evolution of cacao into chocolate is, for us, meticulous ritual—the product of precision drum roasting, hand-refinement and patient aging. 

We welcome you to explore all we have on offer:  our single origin and estate darks; our hundred-percent collection; our luscious hot chocolate. For inspired industry professionals and home chefs, we present an array of vibrant pantry-essentials: couverture, unsweetened chocolate, cacao powder, cacao nibs, batons, and chocolate chips for baking and confection applications. 

Chocolatemaking is alchemic and scientific, but it is also a form of art. The attention we devote to the crafting of our chocolate — across the virtue of each individual ingredient — brings flavor to new appreciation within your tasting experience.  

Savor and enjoy.