Collection: Origin Tasting Bars

Bar au Chocolat arises from a simple, yet all-consuming desire: to make delicious chocolate.

Our production is driven by a deep reverence for farmers who work the land in a  sustainable manner, through traditional harvesting, fermentation, and drying techniques. Once we source natural, beautifully-grown cacao, we strive to capture its evocative flavors, and we love what we do.

At Bar au Chocolat, we take a minimalist approach to chocolatemaking, where the inherent bitterness of cacao is brought into balance with the sweetness of sugar. For us, stripping chocolate down to two ingredients presents an irresistible challenge—and a call to be a little bit daring.

The evolution of cacao into chocolate is, for us, meticulous ritual—the product of precision drum roasting, hand-refinement, and patient aging. The attention we devote to the crafting of our chocolate—across the virtue of each individual ingredient—brings flavor to new appreciation within your tasting experience.

Embrace your wanderlust spirit with our origin tasting bars.