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Mexico 75% Dark

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Mexico possesses a linguistic diversity that is one of the richest in the world; beyond Spanish, there are 68 recognized linguistic groups, and upwards of 350 indigenous languages, Tzotzil Maya being amongst them. 

Tzotzil is spoken by the people in San Lorenzo Zinacantán, a municipality in the southern part of Chiapas. In the Tzotzil Maya language, there are many expressions deriving from the word “heart.” The heart is the seat of the soul, of emotion, of thought, of judgement; that its reference appears so frequently in Tzotzil reveals much about the culture itself. Indeed, for the modern Zinacantec, heart-centered metaphors imbue every-day conversation. K’uxa-elan?, for example, is a common greeting; the phrase translates as “How is your heart?”

Which brings us to the common Tzotzil Maya saying, Xamuibtasbon kolonton; while “to please” may be its literal translation, the words are recognized as carrying a larger, more poetic sensibility: “You perfume my heart.”  

As always, we strive to make chocolate that is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the soul. This bar is no exception; it is our full-hearted wish that its divine, ambrosial aroma will perfume your heart.

Flavor Profile Cherimoya, espresso, caramel

Ingredients Cacao, cane sugar

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, wheat

Net Weight 70 g