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Hispaniola 65% Milk

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May I have this dance? 

Life in the Dominican Republic moves to a passionate form of dance called Bachata. Bachata is a slow, sensual genre, influenced by the Cuban bolero. Its music traverses the deeply poetic realms of love, romance, and heartbreak. 

The dance takes two partners. To the feeling of the beat, they stay close together. With a continuously-rolling motion in their hips, they step to form a square, then engage in a push-and-pull with their hands. As the pulse of the Cuban bolero influenced the Bachata, organic non-fat milk powder couldn’t resist twirling itself, subtly and sexily, with the Hispaniola cacao and cane sugar in this chocolate. 

Why, yes, I’d love to.

Flavor Profile Truffle, caramel, and whipped cream

Ingredients Cacao, Louisiana cane sugar, house-pressed cacao butter, and organic non-fat milk powder

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, nuts, soy, and wheat

Net Weight 60 g