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Chocolate Seashells

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Diver. Aphrodite.

Deep-Sea. Dayboat. Baby.

Zig-Zag. Kitten’s Paw. Coquille. The Great. 

Nucleus. Noble. Calico. Queen. Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.  

Buddhist’s luck. Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Lion’s Paw. Lakshmi.

Cyprus Shore. Camino de Santiago. Mother-of-pearl.

Weathervane. Proust’s madeleine in Swann’s Way.



The scallop shell: from form once-inhabited to sea-tumbled object, its shore-ward voyage is presided over by forces unknown . . . Perhaps it is this, the ‘passage-between-realms’ that gives shape to its being, that predestines the symbolic associations it carries; the scallop, it is said, will appear as way-marker to pilgrims along their journey, the shell’s grooves signaling various paths, all of which converge at the same sacred destination.


Chocolatemaking is our own form of spiritual pilgrimage, a calling both precious and deeply, deeply cultivated, each step of its process moving us forward in our perpetual quest for beauty. The making of our seashells is a reflection of this: crafted from dark or deep-milk chocolate, they are moulded in the shallow beds of scallops gathered sea-side, each shell’s distinctive ridges and furrows imprinting a delicate pattern upon the chocolate.


Packaged in soft-cotton paper, tied with silk thread, and finished with vintage Hawaiian shell, our chocolate seashells make a beautiful gift.



Trinidad 72% Dark Seashell: Cacao, maple sugar

Hispaniola 65% Deep-Milk Seashell: Cacao, house-pressed cacao butter, cane sugar, non-fat milk powder