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Are you fluent in the language of flowers? Floriography traces to Victorian times, when it flourished as outgrowth of the romantic, poeticized sensibilities of the era.  Each blossom was graced with its own meaning, nuanced to distinction of color or display. Arrangements of interwoven blooms were used to convey messages between intimates and lovers.

Lavender, in particular, still holds many of its Victorian associations, its immediate summoning of the serene perhaps primary amongst them. When aged alongside our Hispaniola deep-milk chocolate, the delicate, lilac-hued flower whispers more than just the customary ‘sweet nothings’ . . .  its taste opening to an oasis of transcendent bliss.

Flavor Profile Truffle, caramel, whipped cream with lavender overlay

Ingredients Cacao, cane sugar, house-pressed cacao butter, organic non-fat milk powder, lavender

Allergen Free of egg, gluten, nuts, soy, wheat

Net Weight 70 g