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Sourdough Noir Kit

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Our Sourdough Noir kit includes an organic flour mélange, chocolate chips, and recipe card with tips. All you'll need is your starter and experience to give rise to a rustic, crisp-crust, creamy-crumbed center cacao sourdough.

We love it thickly sliced, then toasted and slathered with butter. A single taste of this bread, and you’ll know there’s no denying the truth: it’s killer.

Sourdough Noir Step 1

SERGEANT: The dame needs dough—and lots of it.

DETECTIVE: Needing dough ain’t a crime. We all gotta earn a living.

SERGEANT: Yeah, but this dame, she’s dough-obsessed. And I wanna know why.

DETECTIVE: You think she might be mixed up in something dark?

SERGEANT: If the dame’s dark, she’s got company—folks around here are eating right out of her hands. Word on the street, people call her ‘Mother Culture.’

DETECTIVE: ‘Mother Culture’? Sounds kinda civilized-like. Nourishing, even.

SERGEANT: Sure, there’s a warmth to her. But trust me, this is one whip-tangy dame.

DETECTIVE: Could be a sticky situation. You got any proof?

SERGEANT: For starters, she’s always out there measuring—you know, like she’s weighing her options. There’s percentage signs in the dame’s eyes.

DETECTIVE: You’re saying her every move seems calculated?

SERGEANT: More like she acts in a well-defined sequence. With a meditative quality, in fact.

DETECTIVE: About this dame, appears we’re gonna have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

SERGEANT: How ’bout I roll it out for ya? Dame walks around like she’s the toast of the town. Bubbly, with a spring in her step. When it comes to wit, she’s razor-sharp. And one-liners? Hers are daggers studded with black diamonds.

DETECTIVE: Slow it down, Sarg. You’re talking like the dame’s a real plum.

SERGEANT: What can I say? Once, I caught sight of her through a windowpane. The dame was lit up by a long stretch of light—it was breathtaking!

DETECTIVE: Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for her?

DETECTIVE: I won’t deny it. Dame’s got depth—we’re talking a will of cast-iron. But something tells me she’s soft inside, too. I’m set on finding out the truth.

DETECTIVE: What’s your plan, lover-boy?

SERGEANT: Way I see it, this investigation’s gotta be three-fold. Step one: sift through the evidence. Step two: find out what the dame’s doing with all the dough. And step three: taste the goods, if you know what I mean.

DETECTIVE: If that ain’t bound to get hot and steamy! You looking to get a rise out of her.

SERGEANT: A rise? That’s exactly what I’m after.

DETECTIVE: Ah, life—nothing but a bitter-sweet symphony.

SERGEANT: Now that gives me something to chew on . . .