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Imagine hand-peeling an orange, taking great pains to keep the entirety of the peel intact . . . What begins to appear before you takes on a sense of familiarity, begins to find form—it’s a horse in full gallop! Or perhaps, from a single thin peel emerges a swallow taking flight. Or perhaps, the peel evolves to resemble a stem-eyed goldfish.

Yoshihiro Okada is a citrus-peeling artist, his art arising from a self-imposed structure: the whole, unbroken peel must be used in every creation. He uses a series of razor-like cuts to pare skin from fruit, revealing unexpected shapes to delight the eye: tiny, detailed portraits of animals from land, sea, and sky. 

Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Okada’s artistry, Bar au Chocolat’s ‘Zest’ is made from Hispaniola cacao and the peel of Cara Cara oranges, cave-aged together for one year. What unfolds is a delicate sweetness.

Flavor Profile Walnut, caramel, tart cherry with orange overlay

Ingredients Cacao, cane sugar, Cara Cara orange

Net Weight 70 g